Fire Rated Coatings

Welcome to our realm of fire rated coatings, where safety meets style across various surfaces. Our specialized fire-rated coatings extend their protective embrace to wall panels, furniture, and doors, fortifying these elements against potential fire risks. With a precise process, we apply advanced materials to create a durable shield that not only enhances aesthetics but also adheres to rigorous safety standards. Whether it’s safeguarding your walls, furniture, or doors, our expertise ensures a seamless, fire-resistant finish. Prioritize safety without compromising on design, as our fire rated coatings seamlessly integrate with diverse surfaces, offering peace of mind and a visually appealing touch to your spaces.

Our Finishes

✓ Matt
✓ Satin
✓ High Gloss
✓ Mirror High Gloss

Colour Palettes

✓ Farrow&Ball
✓ British Standard Colour
✓ And More

Collection & Delivery

✓ Collection Available
✓ Delivery Throughout UK

furniture fire coating

Furniture Fire Coating

Explore the reassurance of furniture fire coating with our specialized services. Our Furniture fire coating process is designed to enhance safety without compromising on aesthetics. We apply advanced coatings that create a durable shield on your furniture, providing crucial protection against potential fire hazards. With precision and care, our team ensures that the Furniture Fire Coating process seamlessly integrates with various materials, offering both security and visual appeal. Prioritize safety in style as our coatings add an extra layer of defense to your furniture, ensuring it stands resilient in the face of fire risks. Trust us for effective and discreet furniture fire protection. To find out more about spray painting furniture, please visit our furnitre spraying page.

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Spray painting cost can only be calculated after personal quotation. Please give us a call or send us photos of your project via email or WhatsApp.

wall paneling fire protection

Wall Paneling Fire Protection

Our specialized wall paneling fire protection process ensures a secure and visually seamless solution. We apply advanced coatings that create a robust shield on your wall panels, providing essential protection against fire hazards. With precision and care, our team guarantees that the wall paneling fire protection process seamlessly integrates, offering both safety and aesthetic enhancement. Prioritize fire safety without compromising the visual appeal of your space. Trust us for effective and unobtrusive wall paneling fire protection, ensuring your environment remains both secure and stylish.

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